Privileged to work together with the best clients and architectural professionals, John Stark has designed with a small team of creative and experienced design professionals since 1973. This team is led by Vice Presidents Paul Sipos and Kelly Dixon and provides the highest standard of architectural design and service. Stark Architects Inc. architecture is focused only in areas of design that company personnel most enjoy and in which they have gained the greatest professional experience. Design activities spread equally into commercial, retail and industrial design under the direction of Paul Sipos, a team member since 1985, and residential-recreational and community design under the direction of Kelly Dixon, whose expertise in construction, cost estimating, building materials and methods extends far beyond architectural design. Senior Architectural Technologists Mike Jones and Shawn De Matos maintain the highest standards for Construction Document production.

Repeat and referral commissions have created a practice that has been truly sustainable over decades. Numerous awards have been received and designs completed for more than 700 commercial and 200 residential-recreational projects, including over 100 island designs.

Recent designs are illustrated on this website and the Archive section includes some past designs. Enquiries regarding the entire portfolio are welcomed.